Book of Esther

On this page you will find the entire Book of Esther sung in Hebrew, chapter by chapter. You can find the English text version and Hebrew text version side-by-side by clicking on the “Read” links.

It is customary to read this scroll twice on Purim; once on Erev Purim, and the other on Purim Morning, at the synagogue. It is also customary to make noise, boo, stomp your feet, or otherwise blot out the name of Haman every time it is mentioned as a symbol of exterminating the Amalekites, of whom Haman was a descendant.

Chapter 1 The king has a party, Vashti thumbs her nose at him (Read)


Chapter 2The search for a new queen begins, Esther is chosen (Read)


Chapter 3Years Later, Haman plots against the Jews (Read)


Chapter 4Mordecai mourns, Esther fasts (Read)


Chapter 5Esther goes to the king, Haman feels superior (Read)


Chapter 6Haman gets a surprise, Mordecai is honored (Read)


Chapter 7Esther exposes Haman, Haman gets what he deserves (Read)


Chapter 8Mordecai is promoted, A new edict is written (Read)


Chapter 9The great battle, Purim is established (Read)


Chapter 10The end (Read)