Future Members

So, you have visited several Shabbat services with us, you have talked to some of the attendees, participated in our lively Onegs, and you may have even joined some of the activities we have.  You feel this could be your home away from home. Congratulations! We are glad you are considering membership at Temple Beth Israel.

To become a member, you or your spouse need to be Jewish.  If you are interested in learning more on how to become a member, please send us an email at fourzan(@)gmail.com, or contact Fernando A. Russek by phone at (956) 970-4005.

If you are not Jewish but are interested in learning about Judaism, and/or go trough a conversion process, come to one of our services and meet our community, or you can contact our Rabbi by phone or text  at (214) 293-6515, or email him at frank@rabbifrankjoseph.org