Oneg Roster

Literally meaning, “Pleasure of Shabbat,” Oneg Shabbat is a gathering of the congregation, fulfilling a Mitzvah to celebrate Shabbat through fellowship, food, dressing up, and more.

Temple Beth Israel holds an Oneg Shabbat after services on Friday nights after the service. Members of the congregation, making use of the concept of Tzedakah, contribute to a sumptuous pot-luck dinner by bringing home-made parve, or Kosher dishes for everyone else to enjoy, members and visitors alike.

Below is a roster of names that were chosen to contribute with an Oneg after services.

Please make sure to contact Laurel Steinberg if you have any questions.

  1. The person(s) in charge of the Oneg will be responsible for setting up and cleaning up of the kitchen and dining area, as well as providing food and refreshments.
  2. Please make sure all food items are parve and/or Kosher.
  3. Paper/plastic goods should be brought for ease of clean-up

Here is a list of food and supplies to bring.

Kosher wine for kiddish
Kosher grape juice for kiddush
Little cups for kiddush
A Challah or two
Drinks such as juice, soda, iced tea, Decaf coffee (optional), lemonade
Juice cups (9 or 12 oz), coffee cups if serving coffee
Milk or creamer if you serve coffee
Cookies or cake
Fruit or other treat
Plastic forks and spoons
Small plates, plastic or paper

(Thanks to Laurel for the list)


  • August 26: Keyes, Greenfeld
  • September 30: Fourzan, Gabronsky
  • October 2: Erev Rosh Hashanah: Board of directors
  • October 12 : Break Fast coordinator: Steinberg, Russek (congregation brings food)
  • October 21: Pot Luck Shabbat Dinner in Sukkah (congregation brings food)
  • October 28: Barrios
  • November 11: Gaytan, Silguero
  • December 30 (Chanukiah service): Newman, Warshowsky


  • January 20: Pot luck Supper (coordinator): Steinberg (congregation brings food)
  • February 17: TBA
  • March 10: TBA
  • March 12: Purim party pot luck Lunch (congregation brings food)
  • March 24: Russek, De Leon
  • March 26: Annual meeting pot luck Lunch (congregation brings food)
  • April 7: Berg
  • May 26: Mercado, Gindler-Bishop
  • June 16: Banks, Sondock
  • July 14, Confirmation Shabbat: Newman, Gaytan-Landsman
  • August 4, Yafah Russek Bat Mitzvah : Russek, Mercado, Gindler-Bishop