Judaism has some of the most thought-provoking, deepest-rooted, and happiest practices, rituals, and holidays of all cultures and religions.  All of our Holidays and Festivals are mentioned in the Torah, or in biblical or rabbinical writings in one form or another.  Our religious practices can be traced back to thousands of years and most can be clearly found in Scripture.

Holidays and Festivals refer to celebrations that are either mandated by G-d in the Torah, or appear in certain writings of the Tanakh (the Jewish Bible)

Practices and rituals are either commandments that must be followed (such as a Brit Milah), or those which, through centuries of tradition, became de facto practices and entered our written laws and most Jews perform them, though they are not commanded anywhere in any part of the Tanakh (such as a Bar Mitzvah)

In these pages, you will find easy-to-follow explanations of what each practice is and how it is done or celebrated generally.