The Book of Ruth

On this page you will find the entire Book of Ruth in English and Spanish, chapter by chapter. You can find the English text version by clicking on the “Read” links, and the Spanish text version by clicking on the “Leer” links.

It is customary to read this scroll during Tikkun Leil Shavuot (the all-night Torah study custom on Shavuot), and during the synagogue service on Shavuot.




Chapter 1 – Naomi and Ruth arrive in Bethlehem after losing their husbands. (Read)


Chapter 2 – Ruth Meets Boaz, Naomi’s Relative, on the Harvest Field. (Read)


Chapter 3 – Naomi Sends Ruth to Boaz on the Threshing Floor (Read)


Chapter 4 – Boaz with the men at the gate and a son is born to Naomi (Read)





Capítulo 1 – Noemí y Rut llegan a Bet-lejem después de haber perdido a sus esposos. (Leer)


Capítulo 2 – Rut conoce a Boaz, un pariente de Noemí, el sembradío. (Leer)


Capítulo 3  Noemí envía a Rut con Booz al trillador. (Leer)


Capítulo 4 – Booz está con los hombres en el portón y Noemí tiene un hijo. (Leer)